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An efficient shoot for faces, spaces, or things.

Looking for some professional head shots and don’t want a lot of fuss n’ frills? Still haven't gotten those family portraits done...with your cat? Or maybe you are a designer and need some fresh shots to show case your space?

Created by popular demand this shoot is efficient, effective and affordable. In one hour we will make whatever needs to happen, happen! 

Let's get you some photos that embody your true self, your business, your loved ones, your brand or your cat!


It will be fast and fun. 

Keep it sweet and simple.



For $444 Your custom package includes:

+ A creative 60 minute photo shoot 

+ A personal coach to help you or your cat feel confidant 

+ All post editing & design work

+ Digital copies of your most beautiful images

Sula Johnson

Creative Campaign Captain

“Working with Niki is just fluid fun!  It always comes from a really intuitive place – so things just roll and anything can happen. The world opens up when you’re compatible – and Niki creates an environment where you feel safe to be yourself.  

She helps people shine. ”

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