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If you are in Careyes, join me in La Copa del Sol for a once in a lifetime experience.

Sound Healing uses the powers of frequency and intention to reset the nervous system, return the body to a natural state of ease and harmony, and realign awareness with higher realms of consciousness. 

The opportunity to experience a Sound Healing in the opulent Copa Del Sol is a privilige not to be missed. A powerful symbol of receiving, La Copa del Sol is perched on a giant cliffside on the edge of Playa Teopa.  This beach holds the wisdom of Universal portals and deep ancestral energy. Teopa means 'Where to Gods come to rest.'


Relax into a deeply healing experience, drop into the power of your own presence and enjoy the creation of a memory that will last a lifetime!

Awe, ease & the gift of being present.


Sessions are 60 Minutes.

$4000 pesos  for1-4 People

Large groups are $1000 pesos / per person.

All participants must purchase tickets to enter La Copa prior to the experience.

These can be found at the Concierge in Casitas de Las Flores for

$30 USD / person.


I highly recommend Niki for her magical session.  I have been all around the world and attended many events, programs, healers and spiritualists and no one, NO ONE has been more powerful than Niki.  She radiates love and glows with pure energy that illuminates the collective consciousness.  She has done the work and everyone else can benefit from her gifts and insights!  Run don't walk to participate in her loving grace.

---- Sandey Kang


I feel so lucky to have experienced Niki's healing through our powerful and illuminating session in Careyes.  The session enabled me to unearth and set free deeply buried trauma, which allowed a new chapter in my journey to begin. Thanks for all of your kindness and support Niki and for sharing your beautiful healing gifts.

---- Mary Bayer

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