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Yoga at Home


The depth of your breath equals the depth of your being.

I received my Yoga  Alliance certification at an ashram in India that taught Tantra Yoga.  One of my biggest take aways from my training was the breath work - also known as Pranayama. Our breath is our super hero power and the more we consciously engage it, the more awakened we become. 


My classes are rooted in the art of alignment through gentle stretching, meditation and the power of our breath. They focus on connecting to a higher sense of self through body awareness. Become fully present and stand in the power of your true nature. 

I have taught yoga in; youth prisons, corporate lounges, castles, caves, schools, polo festivals, film festivals, yoga festivals, pop up restaurants on frozen rivers, pole dancing parties and on stage at music festivals for thousands of people. My specialty is curating transformational experiences for all students regardless of age, race, class + levels of experience. 

Breathe yourself into awakening.

Connect to a higher sense of self through body and breath awareness.

Contact me for pricing on private classes or parties!


Student of Life

“Niki’s work turns us towards our own resources, our own assets, our own tools. Expect to receive great care and also be entrusted to your own devices. This deep trust in your ability to chart your own path can feel out of place in our cultural practices of dependency and distraction. Her power lies in her own practice of resting in self knowledge and radical trust. She is a good teacher.”

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