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When we create a sense of ease in the body

we eliminate dis-ease from the body.

These energetic alignments involve breath work, vibrational touch and sound. Working with only the highest realms of love and consciousness we will attune your body to the healing frequencies you need. 

My specialty is helping you relax and drop into your being, not your doing. Together we can soothe your body into a deep parasympathetic state where the cells naturally return to homeostasis and the intelligence of the body begins an effortless healing process.


While in a deep space of relaxation you will activate your intuition, reclaim your free will and remember your eternal nature.

All healing comes from within



Sessions are 75 Minutes and cost $150 USD

Online resets are 60 minutes and cost $100 USD


I highly recommend Niki for her magical session.  I have been all around the world and attended many events, programs, healers and spiritualists and no one, NO ONE has been more powerful than Niki.  She radiates love and glows with pure energy that illuminates the collective consciousness.  She has done the work and everyone else can benefit from her gifts and insights!  Run don't walk to participate in her loving grace.

---- Sandey Kang


I feel so lucky to have experienced Niki's healing through our powerful and illuminating session in Careyes.  The session enabled me to unearth and set free deeply buried trauma, which allowed a new chapter in my journey to begin. Thanks for all of your kindness and support Niki and for sharing your beautiful healing gifts.

---- Mary Bayer


Student of Life

“Niki’s work turns us towards our own resources, our own assets, our own tools. Expect to receive great care and also be entrusted to your own devices. This deep trust in your ability to chart your own path can feel out of place in our cultural practices of dependency and distraction. Her power lies in her own practice of resting in self knowledge and radical trust. She is a good teacher.”

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