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Babe your high spirit is calling for you. 


At this moment in human evolution we are being called to welcome our high spirit home into our human bodies.  This is the greatest blessing as the gates are now open to create this communion. We are in the process of a massive energetic shift in consciousness. We are not here to shrink in fear, we are here to expand and evolve. Let’s call your royal highness in and claim your divine sovereignty and free will.

This is both a process of ascension and descent. Your spirit is asking to be grounded now.  She wants to rest with you, play with you, cry with you, experience both pleasure and pain with you.  SHE WANTS IN!

As she descends your human self begins to rise.  The energy of your physical body begins to accelerate at higher frequencies. Things become clear, graceful and at ease. You won't feel alone. Your highest self will hold you and heal you.

This is a three part online series. When you book for yourself you can also gift the series to a friend! Each session will have some gentle movement, a chat and end with a deeply relaxing multi-dimensional transmission.  We will reclaim your power, awaken your infinite nature, design self love rituals, talk about the power of orgasms and activate your magnetic grace.


It's time to know YOU are the honeypot.


Access the transmissions.

Access your juicy juice.

Angel pricing.


Let's get this planet elevated.


Massage Therapis

"As I was moving my body I could feel I was in a fluid pain free state. It felt alive and vivacious! I felt this overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness, then the tears came. The healing tears of remembering. Niki I can't thank you enough. Your gift you have to share with the world is truly profound. The spiritual surgery you provide is REAL!! I feel it. I have undergone a metamorphosis into the new version of myself.

You are a precious gem!


Anonymous participant

I can't even begin to tell you how great I felt after the workshop with you, not to mention my lens of traumas seems to have cleared even more after that.  I've only gotten that kind of effect from EMDR and the ayahuasca cermonies I've attended. Thank you for that! I was integrating at warp speed and it was amazing!!


'Wow wow wow! I had a huge release. I could not stop crying.  Such an amazing practice and lesson. I don't even know what happened, but I guess my body needed to create a little bit more space for my spirit to return.' 

Spa Owner


"I loved the first session. My very broken heart hasn't felt much full body giggling over the past two years and I wanted to thank you so much for that."  

Inspired Wellness


"Thank you for Honeypot!  I loved it. It's exactly what I have been needing. I laughed, I cried and just wow! My dog was a little confused by the body movements I was doing, he was staring at me like I was crazy!"

Sweet Heart
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