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Re-introduce yourself to you.

This is a week long transformative retreat that will be co-hosted by myself and Physiotherapist Leslee Watt.

Leslee holds a Bachelor's of Psychology, a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Physiotherapy, and a Moksha Yoga teaching certificate. She believes that yoga can act as a powerful tool in the promotion of heath and in the prevention and treatment of disease and thus founded Prana Physiotherapy & Therapeutic Yoga and the Physiologic Therapeutic Yoga Method.


In January of 2018 Leslee attended my As You Wish Retreat and had a powerful personal experience.  She was reminded that freedom, play and ceremony are some of the most important aspects of therapy. Leslee approached me to co-host a retreat with a deep desire to offer these transformative experiences to others!


This is how Soul Therapy was born. 

Your soul is calling...


Destination: La Vita Bella Soul Spa in San juan Cosala, Mexico
Dates: January 13th - 19th 2019

Types of yoga: Restorative & Tantra Yoga
Food: Ridiculously fresh conscious cuisine
Activities: Thermal Water Treatments, Massages, Yoga, Meditation, Temazcal, Hiking, Trampolines, Photo shoots, Markets and more!

Á La Carte Menu: Myofascial release, acupuncture, cranio sacral + energy alignments


Price Range in Canadian Dollars

Deluxe Suites:   $2360 / Single    $3700/Double Occupancy

Master  Suites:  $2720  / Single       $4060 /Double Occupancy

* Please inquire about triple occupancy options *

The Destination

La Vita Bella Soul Spa is a part of a private sanctuary called Monte Coxala. It is a world class destination for healing, transformation and celebration. Overlooking Lake Chapala, La Vita Bella boasts spectacular views and the second best climate in the world. Created with special attention to divine alignment, La Vita Bella reflects harmony and inner peace by working with the natural forces of nature.

soul therapy

Soul Therapy is about combing my experience with self-exploration with Leslee's incredible therapeutic education. Together we will offer a wide range of experience that will reconnect you with your true self.  Our intention is to provide a holistic nourishing journey to re-introduce yourself to you.  We are here to guide your journey in a way that honours your body, mind and soul. Let's get to the bottom of you. The you that is healthy and ready to take on all of life's challenges.  The you that is open to hear your soul's highest calling.  The you that is vital, alive and inspired.  

fountains of youth

As you journey through the sanctuary you will find several mineral baths that are naturally heated to 37-40 degrees C. These baths will invite you to relax into quiet serenity and offer you a peaceful and regenerative experience. From a spectacular Crystal Pyramid to an impressive Olmec Head, these medicinal pools are therapeutic gateways to a renewed sense of self.


The impressive physical benefits of these waters include pain relief from; arthritis, burns, joint pains, eczema, rosacea & psoriasis. They help to boost circulation, remove impurities from the body and strengthen the immune system.  Thermal waters are also beneficial for inducing a relaxed state and improving sleep patterns. They are exceptionally hydrating and help relieve sings of aging, fatigue and stress.  They change the body at a cellular lever.  The longer you soak the younger you will feel!

Cheryl Brick

Operations Manager

“La Vita Bella is truly magical,  

I’d even go so far as to say it is a holy place.

You can feel it in every structure.”

temple of water

The Temple is a special place to honour your body and flush your mind. Intense jets of volcanic healing water offer a significant way to blast through tension.  The pressure from the water offers an intracellular massage that obliterates stress. The serenade of falling water along with vigorous heat and steam will transform your being into a place of pure peace.

All retreats also include a Temazcal experience. Temazcal is an ancient sweat lodge that is designed to purify mind body and spirit. This powerful re-birthing experience is guided by a local experienced facilitator who leads participants into a deep state of introspection and transformation.

yoga & meditation

Each day will offer one yoga class and one guided meditation experience. These classes are accessible to everyone and suitable to all levels of experience. 


Leslee's classes will integrate the best of what her studies in meditation, breathing and therapeutic movement have to offer. Targeting low back pain, neck and shoulder tension and stress, each of her classes will address the whole body and calm the mind. Leslee's extensive studies offer revolutionary approach to therapeutic yoga.

My classes are rooted in the art of alignment through gentle stretching, meditation and tantric breath work. They focus on connecting to a higher sense of self through body awareness. My specialty is curating transformational experiences to enhance well being and awakening.  

dreamy beds

La Vita Bella is a cozy chic boutique hotel perched upon a beautiful lush mountain side. Every room has a king size bed with a dreamy white canopy, fluffy pillows and a luxurious comforter. Be prepared for the best sleeps of your life! All rooms also have a large bathtub that can be filled with healing thermal waters so you can soak in privacy of your own paradise.

Autumn Bree

Mother & Creative Entrepreneur

“La Vita Bella is a f’ing dreamy place – and the beds are off the hook.”

fresh cuisine

La Vita Bella restaurant offers an ideal atmosphere to wake up with a cappuccino and a journal or to toast the sunset with new friends. The staff has created a friendly and relaxed environment and you get to choose your meals according to your appetite and cravings. They have transcended cooking into a passion and the result is conscious cuisine made with with fresh seasonal ingredients and love.

photo shoots

For those of you who like to play dress up or just feel beautiful, your Soul Therapy experience can include a photo shoot!  My specialty is making others feel comfortable in front of a camera and I have witnessed powerful transformations through the process. All beauty comes from within and these sessions help you shine from the inside out. My experience as a stylist and artistic director help create beautiful images that you will be amazed by.

Bree Henderson

Brie's Botanicals


If you are considering coming to this retreat, follow your heart. Know that you will grow and transform from this experience. Life is too short to put your dreams and desires on hold.” 



your package includes

6 Nights Luxury Accommodations at La Vita Bella Soul Spa
3 meals / day of delicious conscious cuisine (Alcohol not included but totally available!)
Daily yoga classes in an inspired setting
Daily guided meditation
Temple of Water Treatment
Daily access to unlimited exquisite Water Therapies
A traditional Temazcal experience – a guided Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Á La Carte Menu Includes: Myofascial release, acupuncture, cranio sacral + energy alignments



your wise investment:

Price Range in Canadian Dollars

Deluxe Suites:   $2360 / Single    $3700/Double Occupancy

Master  Suites:  $2720  / Single       $4060 /Double Occupancy

* Please inquire about triple occupancy options *


A deposit of $700 CAD Single / $1400 CAD double will reserve your space today.

*This deposit is non-refundable*

travel arrangements

Please note the cost of airfare is not included in the retreat package. Guests are responsible for booking their own flights arriving on or before  January 13th  and departing January 19th 2018.   Participants fly into the Guadalajara International Airport and we will arrange for a Taxi taxi to pick you up.  The distance from the airport to the hotel is about 40 minutes. Cost of the taxi is about $50 and can be shared by you and your friends. 

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