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Stop and smell the roses....and the shit.

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

The brave + beautiful Beth Martens.

I am sensing a great shift on the planet. Someone wrote to tell me that 'Some of the brightest stars are suffering the most at this time.' I can relate to this and I see some of my most powerful allies in the deep trenches. I saw a post that said 'Check on your strong friend.' I think this is wise advice. We don't all reach out when we need help.

Suffering is showing up like an un-welcomed guest and our job is to learn how to navigate it. There is beauty here. People are learning be real. There is more and more transparency around personal truths. There is nothing wrong with suffering. It is time we learned to do it properly. It is time to stop and smell the shit.

It makes sense to want to eradicate suffering, but the only way to do this is to transcend it. Sounds easy right? Well let's be clear from the start, this is going to hurt. Dealing with your personal pain is brutal, the only way to sugar coat this is to take a break and get an ice cream. You are only up against yourself, so be kind in your new realness.

There is a deep sense of beauty that comes from taking responsibility for all of our shit. The most practical way to do this is to get to know it. Take time to be honest with your experience. Instead of trying to avoid it, numb it or replace it, try and sit with it. Take a moment to do nothing and honour it.

There are different spectrums of suffering from mild discomfort + desire, to pain, blame, loss + disgrace. We can all make a commitment to find comfort in our discomfort. We do this by observing and not reacting. It's a good first step. This will help when things get more intense and life serves us a big shit sandwich.

There will be a time in all of our lives to bow down. There is no shame or guilt here, and there are absolutely no religious connotations. We all have our limits and it is ok to hit them. In fact this is where the gold is. Shattering the ego and watching our story fall apart is where the cracks of truth begin to shine forth. You are so much more than your mind, you are so much more than the story you have been telling yourself. Bowing out of the ego and into the Great Mystery brings a sense of a purpose beyond the self.

I have been approaching my suffering like I am in school. I spend my weekdays committed to my learning. I stay sober, I feed my studies and starve my distractions. When the weekend hits I allow myself to seek relief. I change the station with a joint, a glass of wine, or a night on the dance floor with my girls. I call it grief relief. We all need this too.

No matter where you are on the spectrum of suffering give thanks. There is opportunity for evolution here. It can be tough to do it alone and I recommend good books, good people and good sense of humour. If you are looking for a fresh perspective, I am launching coaching packages to offer council to those in need. My intention is to bring clarity and loving kindness to your experience. We are all in this together and the only place to start is with you.

Thanks for being here and for being you,

xox me

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