Welcome to the

Honey Coven

Welcome to the

Honey Coven

You are now entering an Online Healing Portal for curious women who are ready to
exit lower densities of fear and embody higher realms of love and consciousness
for the benefit of all. 

Within this ceremonial space, instantaneous upgrades to your human experience are accessible through

quantum magnetics and good 'ol fashion miracles.

Yes, I said miracles. 

You have been called to this leading-edge to become a vehicle of awakening for all of Creation. Your next evolutionary leap is not a leap at all, it is an anchoring. It is time to bring your spirit home to your body. It is time to anchor heaven down to earth. 

This isn't some distant dream, your Embodiment Miracle is tangible now. The entire cosmos is aligned to support you in this transition. You are not doing this alone. This is a secret community of magical women who are ready to raise the frequency with you. Not only are you in sweet company, ALL of Creation is calling for your energetic upgrade. This is the divine purpose of the Honey Coven. Together we will soften, breathe, listen and receive.





* Turn fear back into flow by embodying the medicinal powers of your own spirit.

* Drop the noisy doubting and access the sweet quiet knowing.

* Untie the societal noose and let your free will loose.

* Stop sleep walking and awaken your sleeping giant (aka Eternal Nature)

* Turn frenetic anxious energy into grounded peaceful grace.

* Ditch the shame and blame to reclaim your power and inherent worth.

* Fall away from the mind and into the freedom of your open intelligence.

* Go beyond manifesting to become a magnetic chalice of ease and grace. 

This portal is only for you if you are ready to fully embody your spirit and alter the course of your life in this dimension and beyond. It is time to ditch the mundane and step into the magic of being a sensuous and eloquent spiritual leader who serves in complete alignment your highest calling.

In short,

Stop pussyfooting around old patriarchal paradigms and put your damn crown on.

All of Creation is aligned to make this happen.


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