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Meet Niki


Welcome here. Creation is calling and it's time to pick up the damn phone.  We are being called forth to new levels of potential and purpose and it's way more fun if we do it together.  Life is full of gut wrenching births and deaths, love & loss, parties & bullshit.  


Through the lens of Creation it's all evolution.


If you want to upgrade your human experience by activating the lens of your consciousness you are in the right place.  I have been on the leading edge of my own evolution for decades. My skin crawls at complacency.  I  would rather take a nauseating leap of faith than settle into a life of stagnancy.  


My curiosity hasn't killed me yet,  but it has taken me to the edges of the earth and existence. 

In my 20's I went to University because being a student seemed easier than getting a job. I got a Bachelor of Education & a Bachelor of Human Ecology. After graduation I hit the road to pursue surfing, hot guys and witchcraft.  I stumbled into freedom living in a 1969 Valiant and busking for money. 

In my 30's I refined my travels to pursue knowledge through; remote isolations, Vipassana meditation, plant medicines and initiations into ancient schools of wisdom. I also went to India to study Tantra yoga, have sex and write a book about it. 

​In my 40's I fell onto a path of service, creating and running a school curriculum for at-risk youth and hosting As You Wish retreats in Mexico.  I also followed some threads of joy to co-create Akasha, the world's largest Magik Circle in modern history.  Akasha teleported me to my dream life in Careyes. 

Now in my 50s  I teach yoga in luxurious villas, offer sound alchemy inside an opulent art installation, host retreats for the cognoscenti, officiate weddings and gratefully say yes to invitations to travel and teach around the world.

I am living my dream life because when Creation calls I pick up the damn phone. I have learnt to listen, conjure and co-create this reality with a multi-dimensional lens.  As a pioneer on the leading edge of evolution my offerings harness only the highest frequencies of consciousness to create limitless modalities of transformation and awakening.  Why fuck with anything less?

My expertise has been celebrated by global influencers, celebrities, and the rock stars of the wellness world.  I’ve also been featured in several print and online magazines and an episode of the Real Housewives of Dallas. Hilarious right?!


Above all I find great joy in saying Yes to Creation and sharing her spontaneous ever evolving teachings.  In other words, I am just making this shit up as I go, and having a shit ton of fun as I do it. 

Let’s get this party started, 
xo Me. 

“This beautiful creature is Niki Trosky. 

Most likely you know her already – she’s something of a woman-about-town, and also one of the friendliest people to walk the planet. She’s certainly one of the most creative.”


Braden Alexander
Dark Beauty




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I would love to gift  you with a free copy of my book! It's my juicy debut memoir about sacred teachings, solitude and sex.



It's time to embrace your metamorphosis, harness the breeze and ground your magnetic grace.



Your highest self is calling

Answer her. It's time to drip with the juicy juice.




In person and online sessions to align you with high frequency medicine & your natural state of ease.



“There are a few people in the world who seep magic into the street the second they step out the door. You can practically see the stardust, vibrations, and elixirs leaving a mystical trail behind them. Her name is Niki Trosky. She has the body of an Olympian, the heart of a saint, and the talent of the entire universe reverberating in just her pinky finger.“

Van Kunder
The Wizard of Awe: A Mother’s Tale
BOSS Magazine

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