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Meet Niki


Welcome here. 

I'm Niki and I am a middle aged mom who has not lost sight of how to feel like a woman.While curiosity hasn't killed me yet, it has taken me further than any other mindset imaginable. 


In my 20's I went to University because being a student seemed easer than getting a job. I got a Bachelor of Education & a Bachelor of Human Ecology. After graduation I hit the road to pursue surfing, hot guys and witch craft. 


In my 30's I refined my travels to pursue knowledge through; remote isolations, meditation, plant medicines and initiations into ancient schools of wisdom. I also went to India to study Tantra yoga, have sex and write a book about it. 

Now in my 40's I am a mom who pursues herself with a vengence.  I refuse to settle so instead I evolve. I love decadence and red carpets, but I feel most like a queen when I am covered in dust sleeping on the desert floor. 

Two and a half decades of being on the path have taught me a few things.

I trust myself and my intuition. I can separate my mind from my consciousness.  I have mastered the uncomfortable art of living on the edge. When I fuck up I forgive myself. No one can break my heart but me. My pain is an opportunity for expansion. Truth talking turns me on, even when it pisses me off! Plants have taught me more than people. I am not afraid of death. My high spirit is always with me. I worship the Great Mystery. 

My life's purpose is to help women with any of the above.

If you are curious you can check out any of the services I offer below.


Thanks for being you,

xo me. 


“There are a few people in the world who seep magic into the street the second they step out the door. You can practically see the stardust, vibrations, and elixirs leaving a mystical trail behind them. Her name is Niki Trosky. She has the body of an Olympian, the heart of a saint, and the talent of the entire universe reverberating in just her pinky finger.“

Van Kunder
The Wizard of Awe: A Mother’s Tale
BOSS Magazine





I would love to gift  you with a free copy of my book! It's my juicy debut memoir about sacred teachings, solitude and sex.


It's time to stop hiding and embrace change. Harness your free will and spread your wings.



Your highest self is calling

Answer her.



I offer private in person and online sessions to get you back into alignment.

“This beautiful creature is Niki Trosky. 

Most likely you know her already – she’s something of a woman-about-town, and also one of the friendliest people to walk the planet.

She’s certainly one of the most creative.”


Braden Alexander
Dark Beauty



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